sabato 16 aprile 2005

Letture per la domenica.

South Park Conservatives: Snapshot of the Culture Wars
Edward B. Driscoll Jr., Tech Central Station
Why the Democrats Are Losing the Culture Wars
Dan Gerstein, Wall Street Journal
Left on the Wrong Side of History
Michael Costello, The Australian
Congressional Champions
Jay Nordlinger, National Review
A Paper Tiger Gone Bad
Michael Brandon McClellan, Weekly Standard

iPod and the End of Civilization
Rick Barry, Campus Magazine

Nuclear Options. Do We Need New Nukes?
Fred Kaplan, Slate
How Many Votes Has the Pope?
Patrick Basham, Reason
Trying to play the Jesus card
Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
Who is Labour's man, Blair or Brown?
Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph
A Dark-Horse Republican to the Rescue?
Howard Fineman, Newsweek
Reflections on the Revolution
Paul J. Cella, Tech Central Station
Stop Hillary Now
Gary Aldrich, Newsmax
Russia is Next
Dick Morris, FrontPage Magazine
The Bitter Pill
Douglas McGray, Wired

Moore's Law is Dead, says Gordon Moore
Manek Dubash, Techworld

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