domenica 15 maggio 2005

Letture per la domenica.

Anti anti-Americanism
Victor Davis Hanson, American Enterprise
Dispelling the Myths of Yalta
John Radzilowski, FrontPage Magazine
Bolton to the Rescue
William Kristol, Weekly Standard
The Bullies' Club
John Podhoretz, New York Post

Realists vs. Idealists
Henry A. Kissinger, International Herald Tribune
Interview with Condoleezza Rice
Larry King, Cnn

About Sudan. What has been done? What can be done?
Jay Nordlinger, National Review
A Selective Adherence to Tradition
Hugh Hewitt, Weekly Standard
Even if the French vote 'yes', their Euro-dream has soured
Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

Travels in Fidel-land
Radek Sikorski, National Review
The Multiple Lies of John Podesta and Friends
David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine
It's the Third Way, Old Chap
Michael Barone, Wall Street Journal

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