domenica 8 maggio 2005

Letture per la domenica.

Why I'm Rooting for the Religious Right
James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
Why I'm Rooting Against the Religious Right
Christopher Hitchens, Wall Street Journal
Traditional Family Values
Paul M. Weyrich, Accuracy in the Media
The Best of Times or the Worst of Times for the GOP?
Richard Baehr, The American Thinker
Romney in '08?
Robert Novak, RealClear Politics
For '08 Election, Plant Rove Seeds Now
Reach Robb, Arizona Republic
Where now for Tories?
Barnaby Mason, BBC News
The British Elections, in Perspective
National Review
Axis of Subversion
Thomas Joscelyn, Weekly Standard
The Same Old Saw On Social Security
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

Just Saying No. The Democratic mantra
Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
What’s Holding Black Kids Back?
Kay S. Hymowitz, City Journal
What Happened to History?
Victor Davis Hanson, Washington Times
A Stillness in Berlin. Recalling the victory of liberal democracy
Arthur Herman, National Review
Things Look Brighter on Planet Earth
Tim Worstall, Tech Central Station

Rock and Roll Entrepreneur. Frank Zappa’s true legacy
Nick Gillespie, Reason

The Wired 40
Duff McDonald, Wired

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