sabato 19 febbraio 2005

Letture per il weekend.

How to Euro-Speak.
A phrasebook for the presidential tourist

Denis Boyles, National Review
Bush's Grand Tour
Gerard Baker, Weekly Standard
Smart Intel Pick
Ralph Peters, New York Post
America's First Intelligence Czar
Peter Grier e Faye Bowers, Christian Science Monitor
The Blogs Must Be Crazy
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Blogs Sound Death Knell
Douglas MacKinnon, Washington Times
Bloggers Will Rescue the Right
Iain Duncan Smith, The Guardian
Blogosphere Politics
Michael Barone, U.S. News and World Report
Now He Has the Power
John Nichols, The Nation
Karl Rove Hates the New York Times
Carl Limbacher,
Truth and Consequences
Kathleen Parker,
Greenspan Backs Idea of Accounts for Retirement
Edmund L. Andrews e Richard W. Stevenson, New York Times
Grand Old Party
Deroy Murdock, National Review
Nuclear Now!
Peter Schwartz and Spencer Reiss, Wired
Waking Up to Kyoto
Carlo Stagnaro, Tech Central Station
Noam Chomsky: Academic Insider or Outsider?
Jamie Glazov, FrontPage Magazine
Making 'Right Turns' Into Conservatism
Rebecca Hagelin,
Iwo Jima: Its Heroes and Flag
R.C. House, World War II Magazine

Postmodern War
Victor Davis Hanson, City Journal
Come On Out to South Park
David Skinner, Weekly Standard

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

hei, guarda che sta nascendo anche la "left" nation:

Speriamo che il significato coincida con quello letterale: la nazione abbandonata. :)

a man ha detto...

Se la Left Nation è quella di "Angry Howie" puoi dormire sonni tranquilli almeno fino al 2012. :)