venerdì 22 giugno 2007

Long Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

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War on Terror
Operation Arrowhead Ripper: Day One
Michael Yon, Online Magazine
Turning on al-Qaeda in Baquba
Joe Klein
, Time
Last Chance for Abbas
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Iraq: Military Gains, Gov't Mess
Amir Taheri, New York Post

Rushdie Is Not the Problem. Muslims Are

Irshad Manji, The Australian
Winning on Offense in Iraq
Ralph Peters, New York Post
Hypocrisy That Undermines Civilization
Victor Davis Hanson, Real Clear Politics

Elections 2008
Big Apple Rudy
Jim Geraghty, National Review
Open-Field Politics
Michael Barone, National Journal
Courage at a Cost
Michael Gerson, Washington Post

The Hillary Dilemma
Larry Sabato, Center for Politics
No yearning for Bloomberg
Byron York, The Hill
Think Mike's a Total Long Shot? Think Again
Steve Zogby, New York Daily News

Ron Paul's Long-Shot Bid
Michael Dougherty, The American Conservative
Republicans for Obama?
Tom Bevan, Real Clear Politics

The Incredible Shrinking New York Times
Thomas Lifson, American Thinker
Michael Moore's Shticko
Michael C. Moynihan, Reason
Do Bad Economic Ideas Ever Die?
Steve Forbes, Forbes

The Infuriating Blandness of Political Speech
Anne Applebaum, Slate
The Absurdity of the Scooter Libby Case
Christopher Hitchens, Slate

Mark My Words - Beavis and Butthead vs History
Adam's Blog - The Gospel According to Barack
Mark My Words - Committing genocide > George Bush, if you...
Adeline and Hazel - Tom Cruise Movie Sure to be Crap
Spanish Pundit - Venezuelan constitutional draft released
Blue Star Chronicles - American Troops Save Mother and...
Right Truth - Sunday Reading List, 6/24/07
Blue Star Chronicles - This is How Immigration is Supposed...
The Mote in God's Eye - Mai, mai pubblicare un blog in svedese
Right Truth - Successful missile defense test
The Amboy Times - Nuke Smuggling in Republic of Georgia
Perri Nelson's Website - Voter fraud is easy
Azamatterofprinciple - Welcome To Azamatterofprinciple
Church and State - Weekend Open Trackback - June 22-24, 2007
Spanish Pundit - What Would think Al Gore of this?
Cantor - Benvenuto ai “deniers” del Global Warming
The Mote in God's Eye - Chi la fa l'aspetti
Spanish Pundit - Sarkozy’s poll win tempered by left’s revival

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