venerdì 16 febbraio 2007

The List [weekend open trackback]

The List
by The Right Brothers
written by Frank Highland and Aaron Sain

Jimmy Carter and Ward Churchill
Alec Baldwin and James Carvell
Janeane Garafalo and Michael Moore
The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Gore

Barbara Boxer, George Clooney and then
Dianne Feinstein and Sean Penn
Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, too
The entire staff at the ACLU

This is a song about liberals that we can’t stand
If you don’t like it go write your own
and start up your own band
But this is our song and this is our list
We apologize to the ones we missed
This is a song about liberals that we can’t stand

Nancy Pelosi and Robert Byrd
Susan Sarandon and Whoopi Goldberg
Chucky Schumer and Martin Sheen
His son Charlie and Howard Dean

Lincoln Chafee and John McCain
Arlen Specter and Christopher Shays
Lindsey Graham and Olympia Snow
Belong in the zoo with the other RINOs

Repeat Chorus

And lest we forget the queen
We crown our list with Hillary

Repeat Chorus

© 2006 Friday Group Music (ASCAP) & PoolGuy Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved / International Copyright Secured

Nota. Anche in questo caso, il video non è una produzione dei Right Brothers, ma opera di un giovane fan (Jordan Greene), che ha partecipato al concorso "Fan Video Project" indetto dal duo di Nashville. Nell'intro del video, Jordan sta leggendo la Bibbia - insieme al padre e alla sorella - e si ritrova a fare pensieri strani che mal si conciliano con l'insegnamento evangelico "ama il tuo nemico"...:)

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UPDATE. Daw è un genio.

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