domenica 30 gennaio 2005

Letture per la domenica.

The Courage to Vote
Kathleen Parker,
Hugh Hewitt's 95 Theses
Edward B. Driscoll, Jr., Tech Central Station
Where's That Religious Fanatic We Elected?
Ann Coulter, Frontpage Magazine
Safe, Legal, and Never. Hillary's anti-abortion strategy
William Saletan, Slate
The Bushies' New Groove
David Brooks, New York Times*
A Sourpuss? Moi? Further thoughts on the inaugural
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Freedom over Cynicism. Bush and the Iraqis get it.
Peggy Noonan doesn’t

Larry Kudlow, National Review
Our Blindness. We have ample forewarning.
But will we ever act?

Mark Helprin, Wall Street Journal
Strange Politics. The Rise of the Not-So-Conservative Conservatives
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Old Media Failing the American People Badly
Tom Bevan, RealClear Politics
On Campus, Conservatives Talk Back
Brian C. Anderson, City Journal

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