lunedì 1 novembre 2004

Letture per la notte. E la mattina.

Selezione di letture per i deboli di cuore in attesa delle ultime ore di campagna elettorale. Meglio leggere che sudare freddo.

One more for the Gipper
Steve Forbes, Wall Street Journal
Reelect Bush, faults and all
George F. Will, Washington Post
The last, best case for George W. Bush
Newt Gingrich, The Arizona Republic
Campaign 2004: High Stakes
Paul Johnson, Weekly Latin American News Report
If Bush goes, I go
Mark Steyn, The Spectator
Why Bush will win
Dick Morris, New York Post
Please, no post-election heroic measures
Joseph Perkins, Union Tribune San Diego
Another document ties Kerry to Hanoi
Art Moore, World Net Daily
The competition throws stones at the New York Times scoop
Jack Shafer, Slate
Explosive charge
Jack Kelly, Post-Gazette
All but CBS relay info which casts doubt explosives lost by U.S.
Media Research
It's the turnout, stupid
Donald Lambro, Washington Times
Bin Laden bedazzled Saddam with jewel
Aaron Klein, World Net Daily
Justifications for backing Kerry fall flat
Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times

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