martedì 28 dicembre 2004

Letture di fine anno.

Coddling Kofi Annan
Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
A Chance to Fix the UN Security Council?
Jon Kyl, Realclear Politics
From America With Love
John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Humbly Welcome This New Citizen
Bill O'Reilly, New York Daily News
Stop Doubting Thomas
Jonathan Turley, Los Angeles Times
GOP Weighs Next Step After Recount
Keith Ervin, Seattle Times
The Millennium War
Austin Bay, Weekly Standard
Blame The New Yorker
Walter Kirn, New York Times
Catastrophes and Their Cures
Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Tech Central Station
The Long Tail
Chris Anderson, Wired
The Year Of Blogging Dangerously
Edward B. Driscoll Jr., Tech Central Station
Statesmen for these Times
Martin Gilbert, The Observer
Plenty of Work Ahead
Rich Tucker,
The McGovern Syndrome: A Surrender is not a Peace
David Horowitz,
A Dominant GOP? How So?
Scott Turow, Washington Post
Presumed Ignorant
Patrick Ruffini
The New Status Quo
Michael Barone,
Polygamy? It makes good tax sense
Mark Steyn, Daily Telegraph
Holiday Reading 2004
Weekly Standard

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