venerdì 20 ottobre 2006

Early Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

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Iraq Was a Worthy Mistake
Jonah Goldberg, National Review
The Exceptional Nation
Austin Bay, Tech Central Station
Peter Katzenstein - Robert Keohane, Policy Review
The Next Test
Michael Goldfarb, Weekly Standard

Now Is Not the Time for Doom and Gloom
Hugh Hewitt, Townhall

The GOP’s Bad Bet
Charles Murray, New York Times
Conservative Voters Likely to Stay Home
Ralph Z. Hallow, Washington Times
Rove Foresees GOP Victory
Joseph Curl, Washington Times

Republican Base Desires
Dick Morris, New York Post
Is the GOP Losing Sight of Reaganomics?
Thomas Bray, Real Clear Politics

The Coming Impeachment
Rocco DiPippo, FrontPage Magazine
Liberals Gone Wild!
Victor Davis Hanson, Real Clear Politics
Party of Protectionism
Jonathan Martin, National Review

A Democrat McCain
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

Will Any Dem Seats Fall in the House?
John McIntyre, Time
Don't Expect a Political Realignment
Michael Barone
, Real Clear Politics
War in New Jersey
David Twersky, New York Sun
On the Trail: Is This '94?
Chuck Todd, National Journal

What’s Not Liberal about the Liberal Arts
David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine
Moms vs. Hip-Hop
Brent Bozell III, Townhall
Can We Talk?
Thomas Sowell, Townhall

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Blue Star Chronicles - Not Your Family's SUV
Mark My Words - Radical Muslims irk an ally
Planck's Constant - Michelangelo's
Mark My Words - The Old Testament and Archeology - Round 2
Blue Star Chronicles - Carnival of Blue Stars #19
DragonLady's World - On the serious side
Krillix - Caprotti: mai Esselunga nelle mani dei comunisti
Mikereporter - Quando il pericolo viene dall'Iran - Visioni
Il Pensatore - La Chiesa non è un partito ma può far politica
I Diavoli Neri - Combattere il terrorismo con ferma volontà

Il Rumore dei miei Venti - Via dall'Iraq
The Mote in God's Eye - Intermezzo: let's talk about sex...
Planck's Constant - Muslim Cabbies and Catholic Hospitals
StarSailor - Dico Bargnani
Freedomland - L'Italia siamo noi
Il Pensatore - Se questi son gli eroi dei comunisti…
Schegge di Vetro - Brutta e senz'anima
Joyce - Voglio una politica al di là delle tasse

1972 - I sommersi e i Salvati
The World According To Carl - Dr. Demento's Basement...
StikNstein - The Despot Whisperer
The World According To Carl - An Open Letter To Hillary...
Wake up America - Scare Tactics or Truth?
123beta - Open Trackback Weekend #24
Planck's Constant - How Jews Came to be the Chosen People
Woman Honor Thyself -
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