venerdì 8 settembre 2006

Weekend (Open) Must-Read List [09.09.06]

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[War on Terror]
I Just Called to Say I Love You
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
One Friend Britain Must Stand By
Gerard Baker, The Times
The Term 'Islamic Fascist' Is Accurate
Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times
How to Win or Lose in Iraq
Charles Krauthammer, Real Clear Politics
Naming Our Enemies
Arnold Kling, Tech Central Station
Is the Western Way of War Dead?
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Note to Conservatives: Take Another Look at Goldwater
Pierre Atlas, Real Clear Politics

Bush and Lincoln
Newt Gingrich, Wall Street Journal
Bush Plays Key Role in Govs' Races
Erik Kelderman, Stateline

GOP Should Embrace Change or Lose
David Hill, The Hill

If They Win
Richard E. Cohen, National Journal
Sen. Clinton's Secret Weapon
Dick Morris, New York Post
Democrats' Dilemma: Casey Strikes Out
Robert Novak, Real Clear Politics

Dem’s Middle-Class Problem
Rich Lowry, National Review

Blacklisting ABC
John J. Miller, National Review
Time For Answers from the Times
Andrew Cline, The American Spectator
Embarrassing Coverage
Jonah Goldberg, National Review

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