sabato 5 marzo 2005

Letture per il weekend.

The Online Insurgency
Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone
Bucking History
John Maggs, National Journal
Chávez's Agrarian Revolution
Carlos A. Ball, Tech Central Station
The Task Ahead. Now we need the media's help in Iraq
Ayad Allawi, Wall Street Journal
Revolution's on a roll in the Mideast
Charles Krauthammer, New York Daily News
The Road from Damascus
Marc Ginsberg, Weekly Standard
Eurospeak. Sorting Out the Teenage Sass
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Terrorist vs. Terrorist
Ralph Peters, New York Post
The Least Bad Iran Option
Jeffrey Bergner, Weekly Standard
Neoconservatism’s Liberal Legacy
Tod Lindberg, Policy Review
Bush’s Supply-Side Boom
Larry Kudlow, National Review
Pension Reform Pied Piper Loves Private Accounts
Matt Moffett, Wall Street Journal
40 Years of Character
David Brooks, New York Times
The Book Stops Here
Daniel H. Pink, Wired
Exhausting the Options
Carlo Stagnaro, Tech Central Station
Neal Stephenson’s Past, Present, and Future
Mike Godwin, Reason

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