venerdì 9 febbraio 2007

Rudy 2008 [weekend open trackback]

MSM Round-Up: City Journal, Fox News (Special Report with Brit Hume), Fox News (Hannity & Colmes), New York Post, Forbes, Real Clear Politics (2), Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, FrontPage Magazine, Daily Mirror, National Review, France24, The Hill, Sky News Australia, National Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Human Events, Reason.

Blogosphere Italy Round-Up: Camillo, Riformatori Liberali, Mithrandir, Abruzzo Liberale, Ainpospiò, Spirit of America, L'Archivio, Il Reazionario. UPDATE. Sciopenàuer.

Blogosphere USA Round-Up: Captain's Quarters (2), Pajamas Media, Patrick Ruffini, Daily Pundit, Born Again Redneck, Right Truth, Crunchy Con, Powerpundit, Neo-Neocon, The Conservative Voice, Right Side of the Rainbow, The Wide Awakes, Red State, Gay Patriot, QandO, Decision 08, The Chatterbox Chronicles, Freakonomics, The Moderate Voice, California Conservative, Macsmind, Old War Dogs, California Yankee, Ankle Biting Pundits, Clarity & Resolve, The Irish Trojan's Blog, Adam's Blog, Outside the Beltway, Powerline, Elephants in Academia.

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Woman Honor Thyself - Al-Cambridge
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Adam's Blog - Weekend Update For February 10-11, 2007
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The Mote in God's Eye - Anna Nicole Smith : American Dream? - The People’s Republic of Italy
Lost Genre Blog - Roots in Frozen Generation
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The Other McCain - Why Mickey Z hates America
Mark My Words - Gang on gang violence
Adam's Blog - Senator Obama Playing on Our Ignorance
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The Mote in God's Eye - Franco Giordano, negazionista
Faultline USA - Oprah’s Obama Launches White House Bid Today
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Mark My Words - Questions? we don't need no stinking questions!

Freedom Folks - A Bad Idea! Or Contrast and Compare...
Wake up America - Note to the Media: This is WAR!!!
StarSailor - I want to live
Adam's Blog - Podcast #195: The Coming Tax Increase
A Blog For All - Palestinians Riot Again On Ignorance and Malice
Right Truth - Ahmadinejad wants peace, the peace of the grave
Planck's Constant - World News Stops for death of Anna...
The Amboy Times - Occupation and Oppression Trackbacks
The World According To Carl - New Orleans After the Deluge
Mark My Words - Does Richard Dawkins Exist?

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